Monday, February 23, 2009


So this was supposed to be done for my final for Comp and Painting but the file crashed because I was using a bootleg version of Painter. :C I haven't touched the Painter on my comp since...

Sci-fi Chic

I was bored in the summer and was artblocking so I just scribbled random sci-fi outfits. Some of them came out somewhat Final Fantasy-like... : / I like the second one from the right!

Clothing Styles

Concepts from last summer for a story I came up with, which I discontinued once school started. :c Uh.. some of them don't have pants....

Red Man

I promise no more stuff from Digital Life from now on.. ;;

Diru Album Cover

Uh.. this was my final for Expressive Type. Not too happy with the bg but I like the way the actual type came out. A humble tribute to one of my favorite bands ever since middle school haha..

Variations of a King

I did these in one class-time with one model and I thought it was interesting how different each of them ended up. I don't remember in what order I made them though.


A sketch of alien Gemma from last year after watching The Strangers with Leslie rofl. c:


This was done for Costume and Apparel. 5 final designs done for runway ensemble collection really quick. For the project, everyone had to choose a piece of architecture and try to find inspirations from it to design either an article of clothing, accessories, or a whole collection.