Tuesday, April 21, 2009

4th term

So, I think I really appreciate teachers that kick my ass when I get lazy. Much thanks to Rey and Justine for pushing me.

Here is the refined version of my collection from an earlier post.
And some more stuff from Costume and Apparel class. I was dying that night in the computer labs having to render stuff. Thanks to Matty for randomly showing up to my rescue at like.. midnight ROFL.

Some in-class drawings from the same class.

Oh, how I'll miss Rey.

Monday, February 23, 2009


So this was supposed to be done for my final for Comp and Painting but the file crashed because I was using a bootleg version of Painter. :C I haven't touched the Painter on my comp since...

Sci-fi Chic

I was bored in the summer and was artblocking so I just scribbled random sci-fi outfits. Some of them came out somewhat Final Fantasy-like... : / I like the second one from the right!

Clothing Styles

Concepts from last summer for a story I came up with, which I discontinued once school started. :c Uh.. some of them don't have pants....

Red Man

I promise no more stuff from Digital Life from now on.. ;;

Diru Album Cover

Uh.. this was my final for Expressive Type. Not too happy with the bg but I like the way the actual type came out. A humble tribute to one of my favorite bands ever since middle school haha..

Variations of a King

I did these in one class-time with one model and I thought it was interesting how different each of them ended up. I don't remember in what order I made them though.


A sketch of alien Gemma from last year after watching The Strangers with Leslie rofl. c:


This was done for Costume and Apparel. 5 final designs done for runway ensemble collection really quick. For the project, everyone had to choose a piece of architecture and try to find inspirations from it to design either an article of clothing, accessories, or a whole collection.